How to upgrade the 6D unity package for SDK 0.19.*

This guide specifically centers on upgrading existing Unity projects to 6D SDK v0.19.* from older versions if you are using the 6D Unity Package available from our Downloads section. This guide is valid for projects running v0.15.0 and above.

Steps to upgrade:

Open your existing project
Click Assets > Import Package > Custom Package…
Click "Import"
You should get a bunch of script errors and warnings.

Some errors come from methods that no longer exist.

Refer to the release notes for changes and how to replace them, or comment them out if they're non-essential.

Open the Player Settings via Build Settings
Change the Graphics API choice to be Automatic or use Metal as a first choice (you can keep OpenGL if you have custom shaders you absolutely want to use).
Open Edit > Project Settings > Tags and Layers
Update the User Layers 8 and 9 to be AR Background and AR Mesh.
Select the AR Mesh prefab under AR Scene in Assets/6D SDK/Prefabs
Make sure the Mesh Prefab is set to AR Mesh Chunk, or a custom chunk prefab of your liking
The project is now ready to build and run on your device!