How to interact with the Ball Pit Sample scene

The following is a walk through for playing the Ball Pit Sample scene on a compatible device. The purpose of this sample is to demonstrate real time mesh generation along with object occlusion and physics interaction with the mesh.

How to start the Sample App

Open 6DSDKSampleApp. The app will have the 6D logo.

On the first launch, a pop-up will ask you to authorize usage of the phone's camera; another pop-up will also ask you to authorize usage of location data.

warningPlease make sure that Location Settings aren't disabled under Settings > Privacy.

Open the Ball Pit scene

Let's have some fun

The scene presents itself as a camera viewport with a mesh toggle button map, enabled by default.

Immediately after the scene starts, a colored tint starts spreading over objects: that's the real time world mesh.

Toss balls by tapping the screen anywhere. The ball will be instantiated at that position, and a force in the z direction will be added. We didn't add force customization but feel free to experiment.

You can also toggle the mesh map to make the mesh rendering disappear to get a more lifelike feel to the pseudo-game.

This scene also supports occlusion (a real life object blocking the digital objects).

The balls also cast shadows on the surface they are on.

There is a limit of thirty balls that can be instantiated before they start getting recycled (older ones get deleted). You can up this limit through Unity. The purpose of this example is to show physics and interactions with the real world, have fun!