Welcome to the 6D.ai beta developer portal

Thank you for your interest in our private beta program. We use your feedback to help determine our roadmap and ensure we are building an SDK that works for you!

About 6D.ai

Founded in 2017, 6D.ai was spun out from Oxford University’s Active Vision Lab, building APIs to help developers augment reality in ways that users would find meaningful, useful and exciting. The 6D.ai SDK uses a standard built-in smartphone camera to build a cloud-based, crowdsourced three-dimensional semantic map of the world all in real-time, in the background.

We are excited to have you join us on this journey!

About the 6D.ai SDK

Our goal with the 6D.ai SDK is to enhance the AR apps you build, helping them interact with the world in a natural and realistic way. Current AR limits a user to a small area, where content is lost as soon as an app is closed. Devices using the 6D.ai platform will be able to have a deeper understanding of the world around a user. Our goal is to publish an SDK that will allow you to create apps at room, house, city, or even world scale, with assets that go around and behind objects, that remember what a user did weeks, months, or even years ago.

What functionality is in the current beta SDK

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but are shipping improvements multiple times a month. Our private beta currently has the following features:

  • Real time 3D mesh reconstruction: The first ever real-time, high-fidelity 3D reconstruction from monocular RGB capability in the industry! We call this feature "meshing" as it outputs, several times a second, an updated 3D mesh of the environment around the user.

    Just like relocalization enables multiplayer and persistence, meshing enables critical augmented reality features: occlusion, physics, real world interaction, and procedural augmentation.

  • Real time object occlusion: In 3D graphic design, occlusion is the effect of one object in a 3D space blocking another object from view. Our mesh allows for this type of interaction between AR objects and real world objects. This helps you create powerful, natural feeling, experiences for your augmented reality app.

    We have two sample apps you can build which will demonstrate our real time mesh and occlusion of objects - the Meshing Sample App and the Ball Pit Sample App.

  • Persistence of content: Content created in an AR app session can be saved to the AR Cloud and retrieved later in another app session, or on other devices. In other words, digital content can be placed somewhere and still be there waiting days (or even months) later!
  • No-click multiplayer: No convoluted procedures or rituals are needed to begin a multiplayer AR session. Player 1 starts a session, Player 2 joins it. We take the UX for AR multiplayer seriously, and will continue to do our best to make it frictionless.
  • iOS support: The SDK is currently fully compatible with:
    • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X
    • iPad Pro (All generations and sizes), iPad 2018 (6th Gen)
  • Unity Sample App: A Unity app with four scenes to illustrate how to implement the powerful functionality of the 6D.ai SDK.
  • SceneKit Sample App: A simple SceneKit app written with Swift to illustrate how to implement the powerful functionality of the 6D.ai SDK.

What am I supposed to do now?

If you haven't registered for the private beta, do that first. Once you recieve you an invite to the private beta, we want you to expiriment with a sample app with Unity, built on top of the 6D.ai beta SDK framework for iOS. The scenes within the app are designed to demonstrate our ability to support the features we listed above, including Object Persistence, Multiplayer, Real Time 3D Mesh Creation, and Real Time Object Occlusion. We recommend starting with the Basic Sample App, then moving on to Muti-player, Meshing or the fun Ball Pit game. Please use our C# code as a reference to understand how to impliment your own experiences on top of the 6D.ai SDK, and reach out on our 6D Developer Slack channels for any help.

If you have experience working with SceneKit and Swift, we have a separate version of our SDK bundle that contains a sample app that is similar to the Ball Pit Unity sample app.

We would like you to build these apps and test them out. Once you've built one, be sure to read through the API docs and change the game around. Try to break things, try to add your own functionality, and let us know everything - good or bad - so we can ensure we are working on items that will benefit you the most.

As you test our sample apps, and develop your own experiences, we encourage you to post widely on social media and we will rebroadcast - please tag with #6d_ai.

The only thing we ask during this private beta period is that you share any negative feedback or bad experiences with us privately first and give us a chance to resolve things - you will see that we are a ferociously developer-friendly team 😀

If you are working on an AR project, please try to use our SDK to power it. Let us know if we are missing key functionality you need. If things are working well, and you would like to release a project built on top of the 6D.ai SDK, please contact Bruce Wooden with our developer relations team at developers@6d.ai to discuss next steps.

Steps to build the apps:

Check System Requirements
You WILL have issues that we can't support if you don't ensure your developement environment is matching our requirements.

  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X
  • iPad Pro (All generations and sizes), iPad 2018 (6th Gen)
  • iOS 11.4+ (iOS 12 beta 11 ok)
  • Xcode 9.4.1+ (10.0 beta 6 ok)
  • Unity3D 2018.2+

Download your API keys
We require API keys to connect to the AR Cloud so we've pregenerated a set of keys for you. You will want to download your unique SixDegreesSDK.plist file and keep it handy for the next step.
* You only need to download your keys once and save them - they will work will all future versions of the SDK
Download the SDK Sample App bundle
We've packaged everything you need to build an app in Unity including the tutorials and code documentation referenced on this site in the core Unity SDK Samples file. If you are used to working with .unitypackage, then grab the Unity Package. If SceneKit is your thing, snag the SceneKit bundle - note this code is not yet as mature as the Unity sample code but is getting better each week.
Read the Installation Tutorial and build the game
Read through our Sample App installation tutorial where we explain how to build the app in a few easy steps.
Read "How to Play" the game
Read through our Sample App game tutorials where we explain how to play the app so you can experience Persistence, Multiplayer, Meshing and Occlusion.
Read the Code Documentation
Our proprietary computer vision and neural network libraries are exposed via a .h file that you will find in the Plugins folder in Unity. This documentation will give you more info if you want to modify our sample app to add your own custom functionality.
Join our Developer Community
Join the 6D.ai team and a group of your peers that are in the private beta program Slack channels. We are active with the community, and enjoy seeing the community discuss ideas and solutions amongst themselves as well.